Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water Dome

This recording took place at the Neuman Lighted Water Dome on South Street and Barstow in downtown Waukesha. The mics were attached at a vent on the dome that allowed me to hear what was going on inside.

Listen here.

My starting point for my drift walk was right here at Bryant Bridge. The first recording I made was of the Fox River that runs directly underneath the bridge. I hung the microphones over the edge and recorded.

Listen here.


I was walking in Cutler Park on Grand Ave and Wisconsin and I saw this cannon. I decided to put the microphones inside the cannon and record.

Listen here.

Church Bells In The Distance

In this recording, I was walking towards the First Baptist Church on the corner of Grand Ave and Wisconsin Ave. I wasn't looking to record anything in particular, I just decided to walk with the recorder on.

Listen here.

Railroad Tracks

For this recording, I was walking along Barstow Street when I saw a train passing by up ahead. I turned my recorder on and walked towards the tracks. I had to cut the recording a little short because my walking became much too obvious.

Listen here.

Drift Map

Here is my Drift Map.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Drift Strategy

My drift strategy was that I drew a square on a map of downtown Waukesha and I walked everywhere inside that square.  It was raining the day I went on the walk to that made it a little more interesting.